For Kini Seawright, and all the other women who bury a loved one due to police or prison violence...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

About John George Loxas, II


March against police murder on 


On Facebook tonight...people should know more about this murdered man than what the police want you to know. This is apparently from John himself...


"I am a student of life. I have packed 150 years of life into 50 years and I plan to pack in another 300 years of life into the next 50 years.. I have worked hard and I have played hard. I have a non-religious relationship with God. I am a Polymath. My greatest pleasure outside of love, is knowledge.

I have had the honor of single parenting my beautiful daughter, Alexandria from 12 months of age to adulthood. It has been my greatest joy... And then, she doubled that joy the day she gave birth to my first grandson, Neo Amani Loxas. He is a bright new star in my sky.

I believe we live in a UNIVERSE of abundance, yet the greed of a few absorb and control the abundance leaving many innocent hungry, lost and ill. Homelessness, hunger and disease should not exist. I am a strong advocate of TRUE EQUALITY AND BROTHERHOOD OF MANKIND.... a unity of LOVE is our salvation.. and MUSIC is the ambrosia of our spirits.

I believe that the World Bank/International Monetary Fund/Federal Reserve/IRS, mainstream media, corporatism, Zionism and GREED are the true axes of evil whether or not, they know or believe that themselves. Right or wrong, true or untrue; this is MY belief, and I firmly stand by it.

I am not afraid of the unknown; it exhilarates me. I am not afraid of the government. I fear NO man. I fear NO army. I am not afraid to speak the truth, no matter what personal consequences await me. I am not afraid of death. I am not afraid of imprisonment. I am not afraid of God; for no loving God would put fear in my heart and frighten me into believing or loving anything. Free Will baby!!!

My favorite aromas are the ocean's mist, desert rain, a woman's neck, orange blossoms, and any aroma which stimulates fond memories of my past. Thai food is perhaps my favorite food. My body feels its best after a Thai meal, more than any other food combination. The Sing-ha may have something to do with that... YUMO.

I am a fierce fighter, and a fierce lover. I am healthy and strong. I am quick tempered when anyone attempts to betray me. Yet, I am as patient as Father Time with those who are loyal. For I am a loyal man to my family and friends. I will cross mountains and swim seas for any of them.. No amounts of money, power, drugs, or women can buy me. I cannot be bought. I cannot be frightened. Although I am a loving and compassionate human, I do have a dark side... And if you love me, you will never have to see it. If you are my enemy, you will live it.

We must end all WARS... We must end all HUNGER... We must punish only TRUE CRIMES, where actual VICTIMS exist... We must encourage more of the ARTS and SCIENCES and exploration of the cosmos... We MUST allocate charity (not taxation) to our infrastructure so that we can progress.

I have optimistic faith for the future of civilization and humanity..We must unite in order to evolve our civilization.. Infinity awaits us all.

More to follow............ MUCH more."