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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Abuse at the AZ DOC: retired DW Toersbijns speaks out

Great interview with Carl Toersbijns on the Lou Show. In 2010 Carl retired from his job as Deputy Warden at the state supermax facility, ASPC-Eyman, where many prisoners with mental illness are managed in solitary confinement instead of in a mental health care setting. Since retiring, Carl's written a couple of books about his career in corrections, and has been blogging and advocating for prisoners with serious mental illness. He's also repeatedly called for his old boss Chuck Ryan to be fired or resign. Here he addresses the abusive culture of the ADC, the role that Chuck Ryan may have had in setting the tone at Abu Ghraib, and the needs and rights of prisoners with mental illness. Please take the time to listen to this show, and go like the Lou Show on Facebook afterwards - Lou's really been great working to help us expose and reduce the abuse of state prisoners.