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Thursday, April 11, 2013

ASPC-Lewis 2013 uprising: STRIKE!!!

UPDATE: Got this word out of a contact close to what happened at Morey Unit this week - if anyone knows more, please contact Peggy at 480-580-6807 or

Thanks to the good soul who updated us on this incident:

"What I heard was that there was a nice size riot, sit down and work strike at Morey. At that point, the whole complex was locked down.

"Scab" kitchen workers from Bachman were brought over to Morey, at which time the fracas started up again at the kitchen. The kitchen workers locked themselves in a room, as the Morey inmates thought they were PC guys.

They were informed that they were not PC guys, but kitchen workers from Bachman. Those kitchen workers are safe.

Ironically enough, PC Barchey is now making sack lunches for Morey..."

 Signs of Resistance:
Prisoners Justice Day 2012

The following narrative of the AZ DOC's version of what's happening in our prisons was hardly on par with the AZ Republic's otherwise thoughtful treatment of prison issues, and doesn't even acknowledge other recent such prison "disturbances" and all out race riots of late
Hmm. I certainly wonder why the prisoners are protesting so loudly - especially since they don't seem to be fighting each other this time and have apparently turned their frustrations against the state.

Maybe prisoners are tired of the AZ DOC medical staff leaving their peers to die in agony, like Tony Lester, Anthony Brown Ferdinand Dix and Brenda Todd were

Or maybe it's all the suicides and the abuse of mentally ill prisoners they're upset about . Or maybe its the overall indifference to human life that underlies the class action suit about gross medical and psychiatric neglect

Of course, it could be the murders and gang violence the prisoners are tired of... or maybe the proliferation of heroin and all the overdoses...

Could also be the plans to build a new Supermax prison 
Really, it could be a lot of things, I guess - prisoners are dropping dead for unknown reasons and some are coming down with bizarre illnesses, like botulism And the body count keeps growing...

If you decide to file grievances instead, guys, here's a little help...

Write to me if you want to expose prison abuse and neglect, too! 
Arizona Prison Watch
PO Box 20494 
Phoenix AZ 85036

from the AZ Republic, a sadly superficial report coming a day late and a dollar short...

The Republic |  
Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:42 PM
A “chemical agent” like pepper spray was used by correctional officers to quell a disturbance this week involving approximately 40 inmates at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis in Buckeye, an Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman confirmed.
Bill Lamoreaux, the department’s spokesman, said the inmates refused to leave the dining hall in the Morey Unit and began to damage property after 8 a.m. Tuesday.
The disturbance lasted about five minutes. Lamoreaux said the inmates were brought under control, cuffed and taken away.
Minor injuries were suffered by an undisclosed number of staffers and inmates, Lamoreaux said.
The Arizona Republic and 12 News were first notified of the incident by a confidential source who said a riot had occurred. Lamoreaux said the source’s characterization was untrue.