For Kini Seawright, and all the other women who bury a loved one due to police or prison violence...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

ASPC-Tucson Death in Custody: Patrick Hoppes, 48. Suicide.

This man has incredibly sad eyes, I imagine 
from looking at the next decade of his life 
in the worst prisons in the country 

Other than the DOC notice below, I only know that Patrick was found at his job site at the Pima County Animal Shelter yesterday.

If anyone knows anything else about Patrick's life or death, please contact me.

Condolences to Patrick's loved ones. 
Please get an attorney to find out what happened.
I'm always here if you need me, too: my name is Peggy Plews
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I also help them and their survivors fight back. 
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