For Kini Seawright, and all the other women who bury a loved one due to police or prison violence...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ASPC-Eyman Deaths in Custody: Todd Hoke, 22. Suicide.

According to Parsons v Ryan, the class action lawsuit against the AZ DOC for gross negligence in their health and mental health care delivery, most suicides occur in maximum security, single cells. Todd Hoke was in the supermax when he died; his will be added to a long list of names of prisoner suicides under Director Charles Ryan and Governor Jan Brewer - the rates doubled when they took over. 

If Todd's family is out there, you have my condolences - I hope you get a lawyer to get to the bottom of what happened to him - it could help prevent future suicides. Thoughts today are also with the survivors of Todd's 17-year old victim, Amber Hess, for whom this event will bring up difficult emotions as well.

If anyone knows the circumstances of this young prisoner's death or the story of his life - not just his crime - please let me know: Peggy Plews 480-580-6807.